A free EU flag for every school, Uni or college in Britain and for one school, an EU hand flag for every pupil.

If you have ever been to any other EU country, you will see the EU flag flying proudly over all public buildings, police stations, business and especially schools, colleges and universities. Other EU countries have a much better understanding of the benefits of EU membership and what it does for them from Erasmus which sends out students to other EU countries to experience the culture to the free EU wide interrail tickets for students, Europol to the EU medicines agency and Digital Single Market to the European Arrest Warrant and Protected Food Names Scheme and more.

75% of young people voted to remain and our schools are overwhelmingly full of children who have travelled in Europe since open borders has brought down the cost of travel, they’ve had referendum debates in their classes and discussions and most would vote remain.

Britain is in the EU and many schools are proud to identify as British, then English/Welsh/NI/Scottish/Falkland/Gibralta etc and European. So here is your chance to literally show your colours and get a free EU flag from #EUflagmafia